This program was only offered during 2020 - 2021.

for 5 to 6 year olds

Kindergarten Program Locations


4023 Dempster St, Skokie, IL 60076
(847) 675-7030


5332 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60641

Program Overview

Language Arts

 ✔ Understand that reading progresses from left to right and top to bottom
 ✔ Identify label and signs in the environment
 ✔ Make predictions of what will happen next according to the pictures and content of the story
 ✔ Identify and write the letters of the alphabet
 ✔ Identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of simple words
 ✔ Construct and write simple words and short stories
 ✔ Read simple words and short stories
 ✔ Respond to simple questions about a reading material
 ✔ Dictate stories and experiences
 ✔ Show independent interest in reading-related activities
 ✔ Communicate needs, ideas, thoughts, and feelings
 ✔ Retell information and stories to others


 ✔ Recognize shapes, colors, and structures in the environment
 ✔ Write and count with understanding numbers 1-20
 ✔ Understand to order objects in series or rows
 ✔ Show and understand the concept of time and simple fractions
 ✔ Sort, classify and make a comparison of quantities
 ✔ Solve simple addition and subtraction problems
 ✔ Understand the use of measurement


 ✔ Show understanding of changes in oneself and the environment
✔ Know the basic needs of forces in nature
✔ Describe the effects of forces in nature
✔ Collect, describe and record information
✔ Use senses to describe, observe and discover things
✔ Know safety practices
✔ Awareness of technology and how it affects our lives
✔ Identify concepts associated with day/night and seasons
✔ Use scientific tools such as thermometers and magnets for investigation

Social Studies

 ✔ Identify community workers and services they provide
 ✔ Understand the concept of a family and its variations
 ✔ Participate in voting as a way of making choices
 ✔ Begin to understand the concept of leadership
 ✔ Tell the similarities and differences of people
 ✔ Learning to think geographically

Physical Development & Health

 ✔ Participate in active play using gross and fine motor skills
 ✔ Follow simple safety rules while participating in activities
 ✔ Identify body parts and their functions
 ✔ Act independently in caring for personal needs
 ✔ Use socially acceptable ways to resolve conflict
 ✔ Learn to increase endurance

Fine Arts

 ✔ Participate in dance, drama, and music activities
 ✔ Describe or respond to their own creative work or of others
 ✔ Use creative arts as a way of self-expression

Social-Emotional Development

 ✔ Express needs, thoughts, wants, and feelings by using appropriate language
 ✔ Show empathy and caring for others
 ✔ Show some initiative and independence in actions
 ✔ Show understanding in following rules and procedures
 ✔ Engage in cooperative group play -Respect the rights of self and others
 ✔ Develop a relationship with children and adults
 ✔ Manage transitions and begin to adapt to change in routines
 ✔ Begin to share materials and experiences and take turns

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